Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to survive the apoclypse ...

My pseudo-scientific solution to survive the apocalypse - the take away is that if the world ends tomorrow - all you have to do is believe in yourself & us and make something one and a while - then we will still exist ...

If everything is a separate object in our minds - then all the objects are superimposed on each other.

One model of consciousness fits the quantum mechanical model of superposition ( Our bodies are particles our minds are waves (I argue, or make an assumption that the mind is able to move in time – the body cannot). The state of the particle (body) may be known, but the minds state is never truly known – so the 'velocity' (wave behaviour) of the particle cannot be fully known. Conciousness may be the entangled state of all thought. We 'think' and we 'feel' the the balance of everything, generally we act on our feelings (sometimes taking some time to think about it first !).

I also make assumption that our consciousness is intrinsic for knowing that we exist. One of the first thoughts I remember is that “I don't know if I actually exist ” (meaning that it cannot be proven). We only exist if we believe we do. Actual existence is an uncertainty but by believing - we reduce the uncertainty. Belief may be the sole creative force in the universe. Whatever model we hold up - on some level there has to be belief.

For Example: for christians, The model is that god created the world – it(god) must have believed it could do it. For science - the model assumes belief in matter, at that there is a 100% truth (even if we dont know it yet), the belief resides in what we observe. In reality however these models are superimposed, the models are understood by people and exist in them - everyone slightly differently. As all people are different points (particles).

The model provides insight into the situation (using more model provides more insight) – the insight gives value in decision making and choosing direction. The mind exists across time, and the process of creativity is a type of forward memory, both future and past memory are subject to uncertainty as they don't exist to us physically anymore (as our bodies are believed to be time linear). We create things by believing in them and they exist to a certain probability, for a novel - the probability of truth is low, to make a table or a business - one has to believe they can do it first - then take step to create the idea in reality, the idea is never as it was visualised it is the intersection of the idea and everything else concious and physical.

Does the conciousness have choice – what choice? Believing or not believing something may be a significant aspect. If we can say that the human is guided (on many levels - love/life/work/spiritual/...) - all the minds activities intersect at the current moment, if we believe we exist then these beliefs can be externalised. When we believe in ourselves we bring ourselves closer to the particle state and can act on what we believe.

The great thing about superposition is that everyone is right. All thoughts are all superimposed on one another. Where there is agreement an similarity – resonances (standing waves?) occur. The similarities are amplified, the disparites cancel and the energy of that signal (the shared thought (piece?, bit?, byte?)) is increased i.e. the shared parts that are right amplify and the confilcts cancel. The resonance is stored using its similarity to past resonances (other understanding). Understanding is increasing self similarity – which is in turn growth. All the worlds models (these things a that have guided us over centuries and millenia) are true to a certain probability – not all of it – but some of it. We already use the wisdom stored in these models to guide us and to some extent – all models are true (everyone is right to a certain probability). So it make sense 'switch hats' as all models have some value in analysing a situation. Some belief in the model creates the intersection of your belief of your self and the model and help us to calculate our direction.

Superposition is analogous to supermind. In many religions there is a knowledge of a supermind - or a shared consciousness. Supermind is a reference to everything else outside our grasp - it is a relative measurement. Though the Supermind concept is an ancient one most religious models support the concept – Accordingly, superposition is the global “Everything else”. However we can superimpose local objects with each other to generate resonance peaks that provide insight as well. We superimpose objects on the local situation to gain understanding and enable us to make a choice. People also superimpose in different ways – a lot of the time by relative proximity. The closer – the more superimposed they are – the more the particle is known and we use this to also reduce uncertainty (we believe the physical proximity more completely).

One great advantage of all truth only having a probability is the it doesn't have to be calculated exactly – in fact this already happens. The cost of having an exact 100% truth is that it's border in infinitely long when it has to be defined. This cost is actually an infinite amount of work.

All truth is local – there are always 'grey areas'. If you hold to one model however then a simple truth may take a long time/energy to calculate – a good example would be euthanasia. In other cultures the calculation may not take as long it is only dependant on the intersection of the event (situation) and the (social) model. (well inside the model there are sub-facts (recursive) and weight are assigned – the problem is that euthanasia conflicts with a highly weighted part of the model that we should not allow ourselves to die). The LHC is also an example of the sheer energy it takes to further refine the truth across infinite scale.

If the truth can be position, understanding velocity and belief is the acceleration of the human particle. The accelerating force maybe outside our understanding (or physicality) but all we need to know is that we can use it locally.

So just believe in yourself and all of us- create something you feel you have to, and everything will be OK ... happy 2013.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Some Good things that happened during the US election

Corporation aren't humans ...

It great that Montana acted to officially legislate that Corporations aren't human's - hopefully more states will act to follow their lead, hopefully the US Supreme court won't block this legislation following on from the Citizen United Case.

Colorado legalises pot

The first state to legalise pot, stopping the criminalisation of thousands or even millions of people - leading to the incarceration and ruining of thousands lives.

What's more, they have turned it into an industry that will funnel millions of needed dollars into public institutions instead of criminals bank accounts.

Obama won

Speaks for itself ... But can you imagine if Romney was president now? How depressing would that be ... thankyou America for a few years of sanity.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Oh Dear

Netanyahu embarrasses Israel with clearly the most ridiculous presentation I have ever seen or possibly can imagine (has anyone mooned the UN? -That would beat it)

I mean this beats that Powell's Iraqi Nuke's presentation in '03 hands down - which really had poor presentations (since it was all made up and none if it was true ) (attached below)

The Powell one

(just for reference)

... and part 2

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

US Voting Genius

This is why voting machines are not a good idea

Makes voting for Obama a game ...

One Handgun, One vote

"Offer must be available to all customers"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Boomtown fair arcadia tripod (spider??)

At Boomtown there was a really impressive 15m high spidery thing (it has 3 legs so I called it a tripod). I have been posting image sequences of it from the event. Captured on my D90.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mobile Sequence blog

I have started a photo blog. The idea is to make image sequences that are still photos but just played together as a rapid slide show.

Image: Still from a brick lane sequence

Going forward it would be good to make the sequences embeddable so I can embed them in blog posts. Will probably do this in the coming months. It also needs an RSS solution - but his might be a quick PHP job.

The whole thing is a single page HTML5/CSS/Jquery page - so if you like the idea it is quite easy to lift and adapt it for your own content.

The URL is :

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Another 10 Untranslatable Words

Another 10 Untranslatable Words

The meaning is always more beautiful than the word ....