Wednesday, October 11, 2006

more upcoming events

A couple of other thing i'll be playing at in the next couple of weeks:-
21st oct: le placard : headphone festival at state 51, brick lane (8-10 rhoda street, london, e2 7ef). map

4th nov: openlab 3 opening : The third openlab is gonna be bigger and better - it goes for a week!! Should be doing some performance at the opening and i'm also also putting in a piece. It's at the midnight blue collective in peckham.

11th nov: openlab 3 closing: we all are going to be doing a and the PD wife swap which is gonna be sweet, it is nice to be doing some collaborative stuff with the openlab guys. A good application of the collective.


Piksel is on in the next few days (12 - 15 oct) so i'm off, its my first time and im expectiung it to be B.I.G. .. can't wait for whitehouse on sunday night.

Me - i'll be playing/hacking the japanese commercials on sat night so if ure there it'll be good to see you.

we are going to be posting pics and stuff created the on varoius blog of the people invloved (Which includes me!). and i will be (most likely) participating in the cinema soluble as well - 23hrs to make a movie , play it once - then destroy.