Thursday, July 05, 2007

At least someone admits it

Just saw this on BBC, the Ozzie gov has admitted (somewhat stupidly) that they are in iraq for "energy security".

If only the American government would come clean and do the same then we might actually get somewhere. It is so sad that all this destruction has taken place int the name of "energy security" if only that money could have been spent on doing R&D into new production then there would have been a greater return. I have no idea how much has actually been spent but it has to be huge, the US has t east had three lots ob US$80B so there must have been at least US$500B spent by everyone involved.

And how short sighted is the term "energy security" anyway? surely if we could get free energy form the sun then that be be a more more secure. There term energy security more related to income security for large oil companys. Who are still only spending a fraction of their profits on new tech.

As it stands at the moment everyone in Iraq knows that the west is in there for energy security and so they'll never give in and we'll just keep on sinking money into it. Luckily there is only a year and a half of more Bush left, maybe someone will have the sense to pull out and give thing a chance to settle, cos they aren't going to while the west in there.

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