Thursday, April 08, 2010

digital economy bill = digital totalitarian bill

The digital economy bill has been pushed through, this is a clear case of corporate lobbying where both sides have been lobbied and the bill has just been voted through by the record industry's cronies.

I used to think we lived in a democracy - but this just makes a joke of it. There was massive public disapproval of the bill and it gets sneaked through in the 11th hour. Its not even being highlighted in the BBC!!!! the people who want to manipulate free information have won a great victory.

the fact that it easy to hack someone's wireless internet connection - and the fact that its easy to anonymise your IP address makes this bill criminalise people who are completely innocent.

this is a;ll despite the fact the the entertainment industry seem to place a value on download equivalent to the DVD or CD value downloaded - it is very obvious that all downloaded material wouldn't normally be bought alternatively

i have no idea what the consequence of this bill will be.... but i think that it will just serve to create fear of downloading open software and art.

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